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The sense of sight is a discrete part of the vastness of eye medicine.
Tear ducts, outer muscles, eyelids, or nerves that connect with the brain suffer from genetic and pathological conditions that not only affect the animal’s well-being, but can also affect its life.
In the specialty of veterinary ophthalmology, the optical health of any patient can be guaranteed thanks to the application of meticulous procedures, governed by rigorous microscopic training and in-depth expertise.
A level of service that can only be compared to our precision equipment and our latest generation optics, which are involved in the microsurgical interventions we perform, such as filtration surgery for the treatment of glaucoma, or phacoemulsification with the implantation of an intraocular lens, for cataract correction.

Dogs Veterinary Ophthalmology | Hospital Veterinario del Mar
Dogs Veterinary Ophthalmologist | Hospital Veterinario del Mar
Veterinary Ophthalmology | Eye Surgery | Hospital Veterinario del Mar
Veterinary Ophthalmology Dogs Barcelona | Hospital Veterinario del Mar

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