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Genetic predisposition to orthopedic diseases, increased petlife expectancy, tissue deterioration, or accidents and trauma are some of the most frequent causes that make this specialty a common practice in veterinary medicine.
Anticipating the recognition and understanding of the musculoskeletal system, for its resolution and management, guarantees the prevention of chronic and acute, often painful, conditions.
The availability of state-of-the-art techniques, coupled with the delicate work of a pioneer specialist team, allow complete control over any pet’s locomotor system, enabling the creation of new ligaments or the realization of new exact surfaces in eroded areas, as well as the solving and fixing of complicated fractures, with faster and better recovery.

Traumatología Veterinaria | Hospital Veterinario del Mar
Traumatología Veterinaria | Hospital Veterinario del Mar
Traumatología Veterinaria Barcelona | Hospital Veterinario del Mar
Traumatología Veterinaria Perros | Hospital Veterinario del Mar

Clinical cases of “Traumatology” treated at the Veterinary Hospital Veterinari del Mar

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